When To Change Your Brake Fluid | Springfield, IL

Everyone knows that they need to change their engine oil on a regular schedule, but what about your brake fluid? What is it, and when do you need to change it?

When you press on the brake, the brake fluid facilitates the process that transfers that energy to the master cylinder, then the calipers, which in turn clamp the brake pads to the rotors, and stop your wheels. Essentially, brake fluid allows your brakes to work.

Unfortunately, brake fluid can absorb moisture through connecting hoses and even from the air. With water mixed in, the fluid's boiling point is lowered. Brakes use friction to stop your car; with friction comes heat, and with enough heat your brake fluid can boil and evaporate. This will cause your brake pedal to lower or become spongy and less effective in panic breaking situations. In winter, water moisture in your brake fluid can freeze and form ice crystals. In worst-case scenarios, brake parts can rust into place and won't move easily. 

To keep the most important system in your car working properly, it is best to change your brake fluid every two years, and at the same time as any braking system part replacement. Be sure to check your owner's manual to learn the manufacturer recommended intervals for your model and model year.

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