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When to Change Your Hyundai Battery in Springfield, IL

when to get hyundai engined changed

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Your car battery does more than just power the starter. It powers all sorts of accessories in the car, from the radio to the lights, trip computer, seat controls, and more! If you need a new battery for your Hyundai car or SUV, call (217) 953-0028 to be connected to a Hyundai maintenance expert at our dealership in Springfield, IL.

Signs It’s Time to Change Your Hyundai Battery

  • It’s been more than three years since you last replaced the battery
  • Your headlights and dashboard lights are dimmer than they should be
  • Your engine turns over several times before starting
  • You’ve needed to jump start your vehicle several times in a single week
  • On a visual inspection, the battery case looks swollen, there’s corrosion around the terminals, or the battery fluid has dropped.

If you’ve been putting off replacing your car battery and your vehicle’s performance is suffering, make an appointment right away at the service center at Green Hyundai in Springfield, IL. Our experienced auto technicians will perform this service quickly, professionally, and affordably so you can get back to a worry-free morning commute.