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Automotive Leasing vs. Financing in Springfield, IL

2017 Hyundai Ioniq Review in Springfield, IL

Have you always financed, but are interested in a great lease deal you saw recently on a new Hyundai model? Have you been leasing for a few years now, but are curious about whether financing makes more sense for you? Are you about to get your first car but unclear on the difference between leasing and financing? Each side has its pros and cons, so before choosing one, you need to consider both your budget and how you plan to use your car. Read our auto leasing vs. financing comparison for details on the different aspects of each method.

Car Leasing vs. Financing: The Differences




Often none. Voluntarily making a down payment, however, will help reduce your monthly payments.

Down Payment

Depends on the dealership and incentives. Voluntarily making a larger down payment will help reduce your monthly payments.

Small, as they are based only on the vehicle’s depreciation throughout the lease term.

Monthly Payments

Determined by full price of the vehicle and terms of financing offer. Use our payment calculator to estimate yours.

Pre-determined, generally between 10,000-15,000 miles per year.

Mileage Restrictions


Must adhere to manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule, cannot exceed normal wear and tear, and cannot add modifications.

Care and Maintenance

At owner’s discretion.

You will return the vehicle to the dealership, and if applicable, pay any fees for excess mileage or damage. Breaking your lease early will also result in a fee. At this time, you can purchase the car at a pre-determined price, lease or buy a new vehicle, or walk away.

End of Payment Options

You are free to sell the car privately or trade it in to a dealership at any time, but you will only receive the title after paying off your loan.

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