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Guide on Picking Tires in Springfield, IL

Tires are quite possibly one of the most underestimated safety features on your car. There are also many questions our customers at Green Hyundai in Springfield, IL have when it comes to picking the right tire for their car. What do the numbers on a tire mean? How can I tell if I need new tires? How long do tires usually last? This article will highlight some common troubleshooting involved with tires and help you find the right set for you.

When is the Right Time To Get New Tires?

There are a few important factors to consider when en researching replacement tires. At a quick glance, does there seem to be some cracks on your tire’s sidewall or in your tread? This aging, called “dry rot”, means your tires are basically getting stale and have a greater chance of leaking or bursting unexpectedly.

Another important factor is tread depth. This is also very easy to diagnose by using something called the “Penny Test”. Take a penny and stick it into the tread of your tire with Abe’s head pointed downward. If you can clearly see Abe’s head, your tread is not deep enough, and you need new tires!

There is no set limit on how long tires should last. However, you should have your tires inspected at least once per year. A good time to have your tires inspected by a professional--like one of our factory certified technicians at Green Hyundai in Springfield, IL--is when you are having your oil changed.

Example of tire dry rot for Springfield, IL drivers

Where to find your tire sizes

What Tires Should I Get?

There are hundreds of tire sizes and options that can be considered for any given model, but which one is right for your car? If you have the same wheels that came with your car, there are two easy ways to find out what tires you need. Open up your driver’s side door and look for the badge located on the sill. If this badge is not located there, check the glove box door or the door to your gas tank. The tire size and required tire pressure will be located on the chart. Another way to find out is by checking your owner’s manual to see what size tires were equipped on your vehicle when new and what tire pressure they should have.

How Do I Read Tire Sizes?

But what do the numbers on tires mean? The first number you see is the width that is measured in millimeters. So, if your vehicle requires a tire that is 235/70R16, then the tire is 235 millimeters wide. The number after the slash is the “aspect ratio,” which refers to how tall the tire is in relation to its width. This means a tire that is 235/70R16 is 164.5 millimeters tall from the rim—70 percent of 235 millimeters. The final number is the size of the rim that the tire can fit. This means that a tire that is 235/70R16 fits a wheel that is 16-in. in diameter.

Where Can I Get The Right Tires For My Car?

If you need new tires, the Service Department at Green Hyundai in Springfield, IL has a staff of factory certified technicians that will make your purchase less intimidating. We stock Cooper and Yokohama tires and our Parts Department can offer even more options at request. To contact one of our service members, do not hesitate to give us a call at (217) 953-0031 or use our Ask A Tech page to get in touch.